About Us

Welcome to Simply Apparel! A curated collection of refined casual apparel. 

My name is Katie, founder and owner of Simply Apparel and Simply Tan

Simply Apparel Owner

I grew up in Binghamton NY, and went to Binghamton High School where they had a fashion program. I focused immediately on a creative career within fashion merchandising. I had an amazing experience for over a decade working in corporate Fashion Merchandising out of NYC for Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch.

After reaching a senior role within my career, my husband and I made the choice to move back to upstate New York to connect with family and raise our family. 

While living back in Binghamton NY, I started Simply Tan, an airbrush spray tanning business, shortly after my Father's diagnosis of Melanoma in 2017. Our goal is to provide an airbrush spray tanning service that clients enjoy and feel comfortable with, while also educating and encouraging them to protect their skin from UV rays.

Fast forward to 2020 and the shutdown of beauty services. Simply Apparel started as a branch off of Simply Tan, and quickly morphed into its own separate business. We started with "stay home" apparel and slowly incorporated new categories and styles until we had a full lifestyle brand.

Having a boutique has opened a new creative outlet and I am so excited to bring that to the Binghamton NY area. Each season we select a range of stylish yet comfortable pieces to make creating outfits an absolute breeze. Simple, yet polished pieces that will be the best of your wardrobe foundation.

One of my favorite reviews after thanking one of our best customers for placing an order - "I truly love your boutique!! I feel like our area needs a place like this so badly! When I had my kids I feel like I lost all sense of style and how to put outfits together and I love that you choose pieces that I can wear for work and mom life everyday! I am wearing simply apparel today too!!"


Next up, Amy! Meet our Shop Manager, Amy Dempsey! 

Simply Apparel Manager

Amy has always wanted to be apart of a boutique setting with her love for clothes. She was a big supporter when Simply Apparel began back in 2020, and became more and more involved with Katie as it grew. Amy is now the head of operations and our shop manager. She ships your orders asap and get all the new items to the floor instantly. She is an instrumental part of the growth of the business. She travels with Katie to the apparel tradeshows where the items are researched and purchased for the shop. She is involved from start to finish with the product, and was there every step of the way during the buildout of our first brick and mortar at 33 S Washington St. 

I hope you enjoy our shop and thank you for shopping Simply!

Simply Apparel Team